Welcoming John Wyndham to the Masterworks

10 July 2015

John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris was born on this day in 1903, in Knowle, Warwickshire.  Although he published work under the pen names John Beynon Harris, John Beynon, Wyndham Parkes, Lucas Parkes and Johnson Harris, he was, of course, best known to the literary world as John Wyndham: master of the cosy catastrophe.

Which seems as good an excuse as any to tell you that we will be welcoming three classic John Wyndham novels to the SF Masterworks list!

His most famous novel, the iconic The Day of the Triffids will be published in December this year; many people’s favourite The Chrysalids next April; and the haunting The Midwich Cuckoos next October. All will be SF Masterworks hardbacks. We’ll be unveiling our own covers in due course but, meanwhile, enjoy some classic Penguin paperback covers . . .


We’re very excited to be welcoming Wyndham’s walking plants, telepathic mutants and mysterious blonde children to the list!

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