Two Score and Seven Years Ago . . .

21 July 2016

So just short of four dozen years ago, this happened:

A great day in human history, which  – it could be argued –  has never been bettered. Millions of kids around the world watched Neil Armstrong take these famous steps and dared to dream that they, too, might one day walk on another world. **

Of course, now we know that only another ten human beings walkesd on the Moon after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and the once-seemingly-certain future of Moon bases and trips to Mars can be filed under ‘Where’s my jetpack?’ and ‘I want my flying car!’.

But [WARNING: Tacky plug coming up! Abandon integrity all ye who enter here!] that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the Moon – just that you’ll have to do it through the power of imagination. There are any number of books that explore what life might be like on the Moon, and here a just a few of them . . .

So there’s a start for you. OK, it’s hardly ‘One small step for man . . .’ but the chances of dying because of equipment failure are much, much lower!

** The pedantically inclined should note that we refer to the Moon as a ‘world’, but not a ‘planet’. The latter it most certainly is not; the former it can be reasonably considered to be.

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