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Gateway Essentials: Colin Greenland

Colin Greenland was born in Dover, Kent, on this day in 1954, and educated at Oxford,  is the author of a number of acclaimed science fiction and fantasy novels, including the BSFA and Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning Take Back Plenty. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Colin Greenland!

Today, we wish a very Happy Birthday to award-winning author and critic Colin Greenland. Greenland first made himself known to the SF world with his 1983 study The Entropy Exhibition: Michael Moorcock and the UK ‘New Wave’, a revised version … Continue reading

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SF Gateway: the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winners

A few weeks ago, we highlighted our success over the lifetime of the BSFA Awards, with SF Gateway and Gollancz combined having a staggering 33 of the 43 winners to date. We’re hoping that will go up to 34 out … Continue reading

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SF Gateway: the BSFA Award-winners

With the 65th Eastercon just round the corner and with it the presentation of the BSFA Awards, we thought it appropriate to take a look over the history of the award and see how many of our titles have won … Continue reading

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Readers’ Choice: The First Month

Is it just us or is time accelerating? How can it possibly be the middle of March already?  But as it is the middle of March, you know what that means? It means that we’ve already had our first month … Continue reading

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SF Masterwork of the Week: Take Back Plenty

We’re sure you’d agree that it would take a pretty extraordinary book to prompt no less an August personage than Brian Aldiss to say: ‘Greenland proves himself the Verdi of space opera. Awesome orchestration admirable arias!’ And if that book … Continue reading

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January New Releases

Today, the SF Gateway blog is mostly being functional and informative. We thought you might like to know what’s coming up this month by way of SF Gateway eBooks (and if you don’t . . . then why are you … Continue reading

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