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Gateway Essentials: Brian Lumley

Born in County Durham in 1937, Brian Lumley joined the British Army’s Royal Military Police where he served in many of the Cold War hotspots, including Berlin and Cyprus in partition days. After reaching the rank of Sergeant Major, he … Continue reading

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New Title: Necroscope: The Mobius Murders

Harry Keough, aka the Necroscope, has always considered himself a master of the Mobius Continuum – a dimension existing parallel to all space and time and his personal instantaneous gateway to anywhere in the multiverse. But this is hardly overweening … Continue reading

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August New Releases

August is a bumper month for SF Gateway! Whatever that means. We’re appending ourselves to the front and rear of automobiles? Jimmy Anderson, James Pattinson and Dale Steyn are all lining up to bowl short at us? We don’t know. … Continue reading

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