Spotlight on Pat Cadigan

9 February 2015

This week’s spotlight is on someone who has been much on our mind of late – the wonderful Pat Cadigan: not so much a writer as a force of nature (but also, obviously, a writer – and a damn good one!).

Pat has twice won the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award: in 1992 for Synners and then again in 1995 for Fools. She has been shortlisted multiple times for the Hugo, Nebula, Philip K. Dick, BSFA, World Fantasy and Theodore Sturgeon Awards, among many others, and in 2013 won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette for ‘The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi’.

Once dubbed ‘the Queen of Cyberpunk’, Pat’s work is so much more than that narrow definition would imply – as evidenced by some of the diverse luminaries of the field who have lined up to praise her.  Can Neil Gaiman, William Gibson and Bruce Sterling all be wrong? We think not. Nor could fellow Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Paul McAuley, who wrote an astute review of Fools on this very blog.

Most of Pat Cadigan’s fiction is available in digital form from SF Gateway and we, completely impartial as we are, recommend you read it.

You can find out more about Pat from her entry in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, and follow her on Twitter. And you can read an extract from her Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning Synners here.


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6 Responses to Spotlight on Pat Cadigan

  1. I got Synners as a Christmas present. Think it’s going to be my next read.

  2. Kate Schaefer says:

    I adore Pat Cadigan and would gladly read more about her any time, but this website is designed to be illegible, as far as I can tell. Why put a dark mottled illustration (lovely though that nebula is) in front of grey and blue words? Why not use a design that emphasizes ease of reading?

    I’m going to click the “accessibility” button now to see what you offer for those who can’t read the website the way it is.


    • Sorry you’re finding the site difficult to read. There are some browsers that don’t seem to resolve the white scrolling field designed to make the text easy to read. The site resolves perfectly in Firefox, Safari and Chrome, but obviously that doesn’t do you any good if you’re not using one of those browsers! We are planning to fix this as soon as we complete handover to our new web support team. We hope you can bear with us while we get that done.

  3. Kate Schaefer says:

    And I see that what one gets on the “Accessibility” button is 404 not found.

  4. Ellen Datlow says:

    Not finding any problem in reading site or linking to “accessibility”-I’m on chrome. (fyi).

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