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Michael Moorcock eBook Launch Schedule

30 October 2012

As promised in yesterday’s post, here is the launch schedule as it currently stands (warning: as with any publisher’s forward programme, this is subject to change!) for the first release of SF Gateway eBook editions of The Michael Moorcock Collection:

Behold The Man
Gloriana; or, the Unfulfill’d Queen
The Chinese Agent
The Russian Intelligence
The Distant Suns
The Golden Barge
Sojan The Swordsman

Elric: The Moonbeam Roads
Daughter of Dreams
Destiny’s Brother
Son of the Wolf

The Dancers at the End of Time
An Alien Heat
The Hollow Lands
The End Of All Songs

Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe
The Knight Of The Swords
The Queen Of The Swords
The King Of The Swords

Corum: The Prince with the Silver Hand
The Bull And The Spear
The Oak And The Ram
The Sword And The Stallion

Hawkmoon: The History of the Runestaff
The Jewel In The Skull
The Mad God’s Amulet
The Sword Of The Dawn
The Runestaff

Not a bad start, if we do say so ourselves. More titles to follow . . .


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Michael Moorcock is Coming to Gateway!

29 October 2012

A little while ago, the following press release was . . . er . . . released:

Gollancz announces major new Michael Moorcock publishing project

Gollancz has announced a major two-year publishing project to release the entire science fiction and fantasy back catalogue of Michael Moorcock in both print and eBook editions, as well as a substantial amount of his literary fiction. 

Starting in February 2013, the programme will bring back all of Moorcock’s genre works including Hawkmoon, Corum, Von Bek, the Eternal Champion books and, of course, his most famous creation, Elric.   At the same time Gollancz will also publish Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius novels, The Brothel in Rosenstrasse and other non-genre fiction.

The newly published books are definitive editions, carefully prepared with the author and his long standing friend, bibliographer and editor, John Davey. The new versions will be particularly important to fans as they will present the Elric stories in a consistent internal chronological order together with associational material never previously published.

The books will be published by Gollancz as print omnibus editions with a matching livery.  Individual eBooks will be published by SF Gateway, Gollancz’s ground-breaking online SF&F digital library of classic genre fiction. The programme begins with the publication of the last three Elric novels: Daughter of Dreams, Destiny’s Brother & Son of the Wolf.

The plan for all the Moorcock titles was completed by Orion’s Deputy CEO and Publisher, Malcolm Edwards, with Caspian Dennis of the Abner Stein Agency, acting on behalf of Howard Morhaim.

“I am extremely pleased to be continuing a relationship with Victor Gollancz which began nearly fifty years ago,” said Moorcock. “This new programme will make available many of my books which have been hard to obtain in any form and will now be available in both print and electronic form in newly revised definitive editions prepared by myself and my long-standing friend and editor John Davey.”


As per the above, we’re delighted to be publishing what will be, to the best of our knowledge, the first ever eBook editions of the great Michael Moorcock’s SF & Fantasy. And because we are benevolent digital overlords, we’ll let you see which titles we’ll be launching with.

But because we’re also dreadful teases, we might just do that tomorrow . . .


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SF Gateway Friday Limerick II

26 October 2012

Back by popular demand!  Well . . . all right . . . back because we’re bored and needed something to kill time on a Friday . . . the return of the SF Gateway Friday Limerick!


Let’s hear it for Arthur C. Clarke
Who authored ‘A Walk in the Dark’
It’s hard for a story
To be scary not gory
But Sir Arthur hits it out of the park


So there.


As before, please feel free to leave your own SF limericks in the comments to this post or in the Forum page on the SF Gateway website – N.B. requires (free) log-in to post.


By the way, did we mention that Clarke’s Rendezvous With Rama is this week’s SF Gateway Editor’s Choice?


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Greg Bear’s EON: A Review by Stephen Baxter

25 October 2012

President of the BSFA and multi-award-winning author, Stephen Baxter, offers his thoughts on Greg Bear’s 1985 Big Dumb Object novel, Eon . . .

In 2005, after the observation of a supernova-like burst of energy, an asteroid shows up in Earth orbit. Humanity is locked in a continuing Cold War between US and USSR, and the competitive exploration of the asteroid only exacerbates the tensions. But the Stone, as the Americans call it, turns out to be hollow . . .

So far so Clarke’s Rama, you might think, which was another tale of an immense spacecraft wandering into the solar system; initially the Stone has the feel of the great rotating space habitats much loved of 1970s space visionaries. But conceptually Eon knocks Rama out of the park. The first few chapters particularly are a classic of breathless exploration, as Patricia Vasquez, a hotshot relativistic mathematician, is taken through the Stone, and we witness its unfolding wonders through her eyes.

Read more…

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SF Gateway Author of the Week: Tim Powers

24 October 2012

This week’s celebrated author is the extraordinary Tim Powers.

Tim Powers
is the winner of two World Fantasy Awards, two Philip K. Dick Awards, an International Horror Guild Award and a Mythopoeic Award, among many other wins and nominations. Many would consider writing The Anubis Gates to be sufficient cause for celebration in and of itself, but add to that a very defensible claim to being one of the founding fathers of Steampunk (along with friend and fellow Gateway author, James P. Blaylock) and writing the novel upon which the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie is based, and it’s clear we’re talking about an incredible talent.

Many of Tim Powers‘ fine works are available as eBooks on the SF Gateway – just check his author page – and The Anubis Gates is also available in paperback from Gollancz


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The Space Shuttle’s Last Journey

23 October 2012

On Sunday 14th October, the space shuttle Endeavour made its final journey. Not to the International Space Station or the Hubble Space Telescope or even to low Earth orbit – this trip was through the streets of Los Angeles. Over the course of three days, Endeavour was carried (as befits a hero) from LAX, past thousands of lucky residents, to its new home at  the California Science Center.


You can see the three-day journey, compressed into a few minutes, in this video from the Los Angeles Times, which we found via the excellent Astronomy Picture of the Day site.



Valé, Endeavour. The SF Gateway salutes you.



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Happy Birthday, Doris Lessing!

22 October 2012

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we need to thank our friends at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, once again, for their excellent On This Day feature. Thanks to the magic of this sufficiently advanced technology, we can see at a glance the various anniversaries occurring on any given day.

And the name that leaps out at us, today, is that of the 2007 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Doris Lessing. It is, I’m sure, hugely appreciated by all genre readers to have a writer of Ms Lessing’s standing and quality state uncategorically that she is writing science fiction – unlike some other people we could name (although that would obviously overstep diplomacy).

So: Happy Birthday, Ms Lessing! Thank you for your works and for your unashamed – indeed, proud –  championing of science fiction.

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SF Gateway Editors’ Choice: The Shadow of the Torturer

19 October 2012


The SF Gateway Editors’ Choice this week is The Shadow of the Torturer, the first volume of Gene Wolfe‘s extraordinary Book of the New Sun sequence. The Shadow of the Torturer won the World Fantasy Award in 1981 and the BSFA Award the year after, and the subsequent volumes (The Claw of the Conciliator, The Sword of the Lictor, The Citadel of the Autarch and coda The Urth of the New Sun) between them won the Nebula, Campbell and British Fantasy Awards, among others.


Set in a VancianDying Earth‘ milieu, The Book of the New Sun charts the extraordinary life of the young man Severian from torturers’ apprentice to . . . but that would be telling. The destination is extraordinary but the journey itself no less so; read it and you’ll see what we mean.

Chosen by readers as one of the best five fantasies published by Gollancz over its 50-year history as a regular SF publisher, The Book of the New Sun is, in our opinion, essential reading for anyone serious about modern genre fiction. But don’t just take our word for it – ask Alastair Reynolds.




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SF Gateway Author of the Week: Pat Cadigan

18 October 2012


Our Author of the Week this week is the wonderful Pat Cadigan.


Pat has twice won the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award: in 1992 for Synners, which has recently been republished in Gollancz‘s SF Masterworks list, and then again in 1995 for Fools.  She has also been shortlisted multiple times for the Hugo, Nebula, Philip K. Dick, BSFA, World Fantasy and Theodore Sturgeon Awards, among many others. Her work has been praised by such luminaries as Neil Gaiman, William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, and fellow Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Paul McAuley wrote an astute review of Fools on this very blog.

Most SF writers will tell you that they’re not trying to predict the future; indeed, science fiction, it is widely agreed, is not about the future at all -nor is it about other worlds, it is about the world the author saw while she was writing the book. But every now and again a book comes along that seems to have an uncanny insight into what is to come.


With Synners, Pat Cadigan has written such a book.  What was cutting-edge cyberpunk when it was first published now looks suspiciously like a blueprint for the future we find rushng towards us. Or, as Lisa Tuttle says in her introduction: ‘Read Synners now, before it happens.’


Most of Pat Cadigan’s fiction is available in digital form from SF Gateway. You can find out more about Pat from her entry in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, and follow her on Twitter.


You can read an extract from Synners here.







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Joe Abercrombie on Fritz Leiber

17 October 2012

So, you may have noticed a certain amount of Joe Abercrombie-ish activity over at our sister imprint, Gollancz. Quite understandable given that Joe’s destined-to-be-bestselling new novel, Red Country is published tomorrow.  But while our colleagues are proclaiming (quite rightly) the muscular virtues of his new book, we thought we’d take a moment to remind people that Joe Abercrombie isn’t just the author of hugely entertaining, gritty fantasies – he’s also a pretty fine judge of classic SF&F.

So, here’s a blast from the (admittedly pretty recent) past: Joe Abercrombie discussing the appeal of Fritz Leiber‘s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories.  And as an added bonus, which will cost you nothing but a couple of minutes of your time, you can also see Alastair Reynolds on Algis Budrys‘s Rogue Moon, Justina Robson on Lavondyss, Robert Holdstock‘s haunting follow-up to Mythago Wood, and Peter F. Hamilton on Robert Silverberg‘s extraordinary Lord Valentine’s Castle.



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