Happy Birthday to Garry Kilworth!

5 July 2017

It’s a harsh but true fact that many of the authors we publish on the SF Gateway are no longer with us. That’s the nature of the beast when you publish classic SF that dates back to the pulp era (and, occasionally, before). Often, when we wish an author ‘Happy Birthday’, we’re doing so in the knowledge that we could just as easily be noting the anniversary of their passing.

Not so, this time. We are delighted to be able to wish a Happy Birthday to someone who is very much still with us. Step forward cricket fan, world traveller, purveyor of fine tales for adults and children alike, and – just as important, if not more so – hell of a nice guy: Garry Kilworth. Winner of the World Fantasy and BSFA Awards, and shortlisted for the prestigious Carnegie Medal for Children’s literature, Garry is as talented as he is versatile. SF, Fantasy, historical fiction, Young Adult, Children’s – you name it, he can write it.

We wish Garry a very Happy Birthday, and remind you that you can find many of his works here at the SF Gateway. You should read them. He’d like that. And, we’re confident, so would you.

And, as ever, you can read more about Garry Kilworth in his entry at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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