Happy Birthday, Lawrence Watt-Evans!

26 July 2017

Lawrence Watt-Evans is the working name of American science fiction and fantasy writer Lawrence Watt Evans. He was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, on this day in 1954. He was the fourth of six children and studied at Bedford High School and Princeton University, although he left the latter without a degree. Watt-Evans began publishing SF in 1975 with ‘Paranoid Fantasy #1’ for American Athiest. He has constructed several scripts for Marvel Comics and has been moderately prolific as a short story writer, with ‘Why I Left Harry’s All-Night Hamburgers’ (Asimov’s, July 1987) winning a 1988 Hugo Award.

Watt-Evans is best-known for his Legends of Ethshar series, and it’s here that we recommend starting:

You can find more of Lawrence Watt-Evans’ work via his Author page on the Gateway website and read about him in his entry inĀ The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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