Happy Birthday, Chris Moore!

1 June 2017

Today, we’re wishing a very happy birthday to artist extraordinaire, Chris Moore!

If you’ve been reading science fiction from British publishers over the last forty years, chances are you’ve read a book with a Chris Moore cover. From Alfred Bester’s 1975 novel Extro . . .

. . . Chris Moore illustrations have graced the covers of literally hundreds of books. Certainly readers of the SF Masterworks will have come across his covers on books by Arthur C Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Joe Haldeman, Ursula Le Guin, Sheri S Tepper and Gene Wolfe just to name a few.

And there were one or two debut novels from Gollancz that got a respectable amount of attention . . .

You can read more about Chris Moore in his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and check out his art at his website – maybe even buy a print or two. Go on: you know you want to . . .

Happy Birthday, Chris!  And thanks for showing us the future!

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