But Will I Like It: Blood Heritage

13 July 2016

Continuing our series of mini-reviews from enthusiastic Gateway readers, here’s a second (or, indeed, third, if one wants to be pedantic) reader’s take on Sheri S. Tepper . . .

Blood Heritage by Sheri S. Tepper
When Badger Ettison’s cold but beautiful wife Carolyn and young son Robby drown in a boating accident, he spends almost a year struggling to accept that they’ve died. Then just as he realizes he needs to come to terms with it, he meets Mahlia Waiwela at a dinner, a student housesitting for his sister’s neighbour. The talk turns to magic and demon possession, and Mahlia struggles to explain how she has always had visions and instincts about things that have happened or will happen. When Badger’s son is mentioned, Mahlia blurts out “But your son’s not dead!” and sets them both on the path to discover what horror did cause Carolyn and Robbie to vanish, and whether somehow there’s a way to get them back.


You can find Blood Heritage, and more of Sheri S. Tepper’s work via her Author page on the Gateway website, and read about her in her entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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