A Public Service Announcement for North American Readers

19 December 2012

SF Gateway: Now with added list of US & Canadian rights goodness!

We receive many emails, forum posts and tweets from readers (for which, by the way, thank you).  Some query the absence of certain authors, others the absence of certain books, and yet others ask why we’ve published a series out of order.  Good questions all, and for the most part, answered in our FAQ

One of the most common messages we receive is the (quite understandable) expression of frustration from readers in the USA or Canada, who are unable to see which of our titles they are able to purchase from their local eBook retailers. We have been able to supply this information on each book page, so you don’t need to follow the buying link through to the retailer only to be told that your money’s no good as far as this particular book is concerned; however, we understand that this is still an annoyance and it would be more convenient for the information to be flagged earlier.

At some point in the future we may be able to institute some form of IP look-up to help screen out unavailable books, but that doesn’t really help anyone now. So, as an early Christmas present to our North American readers, we’ve instituted a manual solution to help them make their way through the site more efficiently.

If you look at the main menu of the website, in between the links to the Forum and the Blog, you’ll see a new feature: a link to a page listing those authors for whom we control North American rights. We’ll endeavour to keep this updated whenever we acquire a new author, so that you can see at a glance whose books you’ll be able to purchase if you live in the US or Canada.

We hope this helps while we sort out a more technologically elegant solution!


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